Live a Textured Life

October 25, 2011 | By More

Live a Textured Life – choose your texture of the day. Today with the cool air and gloomy skies my texture today is………wrapping myself in a cream colored shag rug! Im needing coziness and to feel surrounded in the fabric as I naturally make an imprint into the rug.

Cream Shag Rug

Whats your texture today? Pick your texture  – a texture that best describes where your at today. How you feel and what your senses crave? Play and have fun coming up with your texture for the day. 

A shiny green ribbon fabric or maybe a bursting alive rose pillow? Or possibly a sequenced satin shirt or just a blue cotton blanket.  Write down your fabric for today. Do it again tomorrow and see how different your texture may change. Watching these changes will remind you of all your layers and how everyday we bring forth a different texture inside of each and every one of us. Have fun and discover all the different textures that make up –YOU!

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  1. Kevin Rossie says:

    Today, I am feeling silky. Everything flowed as smooth as butter. I could use more days like today,