Confidence = Communication with Self

March 27, 2012 | By More

Learn to communicate with you!


Confidence has many layers. It is not just when you have mastered a particular skill, profession, or talent.  Though this can be easily viewed as confidence.  Such as when a musician receives a Grammy. When they walk on stage they typically have an air of confidence combined with excitement. Confidence can appear when you have had enough experience in a particular subject you naturally develop a strength in your abilities and in your skill sets.  Confidence can be easily seen in someone in how they talk, how they walk, how they carry themselves, and even in their overall presence. Sometimes you meet someone who is extremely confident in their knowledge of a particular subject but may not be confident in other areas of their life.

A layer of confidence that seems to be entirely overlooked is what I call the “Confident Core”.  This is a base layer that is deep within you that requires practice and continuous molding and shaping in order to contain the other layers of confidence that build up on top of it.  This is the core of communicating with the self.  You can be brilliant and confident in a particular subject or topic yet struggle in relationships and friendships. You may struggle in choice making or in believing in yourself outside of your professional topic of expertise.

Confidence in your core begins with communicating with the self.  Developing self awareness and self talk in each and every moment of your day is the key to building this layer of core confidence. How does one do this Jennifer?  It begins with discovering for yourself what I call your “Inner Language”.  How does your Inner Languagetalk to you?  This is an important and vital question to ask yourself. Everyone’s inner language communicates with them differently. Your inner language may use bodily sensations to communicate with you or may use auditory messages where you hear words and phrases in one or both ears.  Sometimes your inner language may talk to you through dreams or through visual messages.

Inspire or In Spirit

A big one for me are license plates. My inner language uses visuals in my surrounding environment all the time. Its just a matter of me paying attention to them.

How do you receive most of your inner knowing messages?  

Here are six commonly discovered inner language forms.  You may even experience a combination of these:

  •  Physical Responses- bodily sensations
  • Emotions – a wave of emotion that passes through your physical body
  • Auditory – things you hear such as songs, words, sounds, that appear to be coming from inside of you – that inner voice.
  • Visual Symbols – quick flashes of images that are dream like when your awake, license plates, images in your surrounding environment.
  • Clarity Moments – when you suddenly hear or see something and it triggers inside of you a “oh I get it now” moment.
  • Dreams
Spend the next day or two paying attention to how your body, mind, and spirit responds to your world. Identify which one of these is the strongest for you.
Again how does your inner language talk to you? The answer to this question will strengthen your confidence core. Therefore no matter what you put your mind and heart into  developing and mastering as a talent or profession, you will always have your confidence core as a strong foundation to create a strong and beautiful you!

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    So great to meet you last night Jennifer!!! Love your site. 🙂