A New Years Surprise

January 5, 2013 | By More

Photo by Jennifer Crews www.heartjen.com

What a great surprise!! I was so thrilled to see this live and right outside my balcony.  I quickly grabbed my phone and took a photo. A reminder to keep listening to that heart inside of you as we all wade through the ripple effects in the world right now related to fear, stability, and our own personal inner and outer shifts.

Photo by Jennifer Crews www.heartjen.com


To watch a heart be drawn out of thin air in the sky – right outside my window – and then watch it fade slowly —– was such a blessing…to the new year 2013 – I request the way we love one another change – time to embrace community, cooperation, real acceptance, authentic listening, and genuine honoring of one another. Time to release agenda based interactions and connect, support, & love one another.  Heres to 2013!

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