Where Is the Softness?

May 1, 2013 | By More

Where is the softness?   I cant seem to find it.  Occassionally I find softness at the ocean. But what has happended to softness in our daily lives?  The ability to be soft with one another and more importantly soft with ourselves.  This concept, that all must be figured out, taken care of, and definitively determined,  seems to be creating a rough edge to our lives. We move from one edge to the next filled with worry, obligation, and protocol – using all of our mental thought processes to be sure we have it all figured out and all is taken care of. If we don’t, we try to find someone who will figure it out for us. We create a map of LINES  in our lives strongly determined to make a mark of some kind. Yet where are the CIRCLES?  Where is the softness, the flow, the gentle shifts? Where is the nurturing aspect that is inside of you? What does it mean to be nurturing of others?  Have you thought about what it means to nurture the person who just walked by you on the street? What a wild thought! Softness and nurturing are  usually aspects of ourselves we save for partners, children, close friends, and family members.

Mixed Media Collage by Jennifer Crews

What if this changed? What if we could embrace softness in more of what we do every day? How about embracing softness with yourself and the person next to you RIGHT NOW.  What does that look like for you and how does that feel? The strong feminine quality in me craves this softness each and everyday. It makes me sad how little it truly appears in our lives. I suggest a change. To find the softness somewhere in your day and then extend that same softness to somebody else.

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