The 10 Energy Systems – The Key to Your Spirit’s Well-being

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Whether you are looking for information on yourself or your child, you have come to the right place. To truly be aligned with the full beauty of your spirit self, it is important to understand and be aware of energy systems that play a vital role in your daily well being.

Your spirit self is simultaneously inside of you, as well as extends way beyond your physical body. I call this portion of your spirit self, your higher self. Your spirit ALWAYS knows what is best for you and what is truly in your best interest. The problem is that our overall well being is compromised the majority of the time that we can’t even slice through our issues to connect and experience the beauty of our spirit and truly HONOR what is being communicated within us.

The easiest way to begin to connect with your spirit self or that of your child’s is to understand the foundation in which your spirit rests upon. This foundation is an overall dynamic system within every single one of us that affects how we engage with the world. These systems are dynamic and are interwoven with one another. They are functioning and happening simultaneously inside each and every one of you. If one system is off it typically directly affects another system and we begin the process of living in survival mode. It is up to you to become aware of these systems and understand how they play a role in contributing to your overall emotional health, well being, and ability to move forward and embrace your life.  It is important to recognize them in others as well as in your children to better improve your relationships and how you relate to others and observe how they relate to their worlds.

It’s life changing when you can view all ten of these systems as cogs in a wheel – a wheel that spins inside of you – that contributes to the beautiful movement forward of vitality and well-being of your own life essence and spirit self.

The systems are divided into two categories:

  • The Physical
  • The Non-physical

Within each of these categories are five individualized energy systems

The Immune System The Relational System
The Digestive System Self Expression/Communication
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Can you guess the other physical and nonphysical systems? All ten of these systems reside in each and every one of us and affect how we interact, relate to and with, and connect with the world around us. All ‘behaviors’ as most like to label as such, I believe are directly connected to a disconnect or discord within one of more of these systems.

To learn more about all 10 physical and nonphysical systems and how they live within you or your child, or to learn how you specifically experience these within yourself visit my Intuitive Session tab and schedule a session with me. You can also read more in depth about each system in Understanding the Energy of Your Child – A Parent’s Guide (see below). Or purchase and watch an educational video on The Ten Energy Systems of Children (soon to come).

However your spirit guides you to either, read, listen, or watch for more insight into the beauty of these ten energy systems within you and your child – I am honored and happy to be there for you and guide you along the way.

book_understand-3 (1)Understanding the Energy of Your Child – A Parent’s Guide is the first of its kind offering both a physical and energetic perspective in how we connect with children. The guide provides 7 core solutions along with easy practical applications that you can start today.

The guide is simple, direct, and powerful with valuable information that will change your understanding of your child. Learn the ten energy systems of children, learn about their unique gifts, learn tools to better understand why they act out the way they do, and learn all of this while learning more about yourself.

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Two Sample Chapters

Chapter 3 – Know Your Child’s Element I have learned every child resonates with a specific element – water, plants, earth, air, fire. Learn how to determine your child’s element and what element brings your child peace.

Chapter 7 -Know Your Child’s Heart Talk

Children are always communicating through their hearts. The key is for us as professionals or parents to attune ourselves to what a child is telling us. This requires recognizing forms of communication beyond speech, talk, and rational thinking. Children use so much more than just words to communicate and express themselves from their heart. I offer you seven questions to delve into to see how your child’s heart speaks along with adaptations of these same seven questions to ask yourself about how your own heart is communicating.