About Jennifer


When I was a child, I found I was my most creative and alive self when I was alone.  But I was afraid for anyone to know about THAT part of me. But why? I would freeze up completely whenever someone entered the room  – shutting down any creative, original, expression of myself.

I felt sad and confused. Why did I do this? My vibrant, colorful, expressive, inner self was craving to be more out in the world.  But this was NOT the image I was showing the outer world. I kept them separate.  I chose instead to be composed, in control, and constrained. I was “just fine” in my life living from the outer worlds expectations.

I kept these goofy, playful, joyful expressions reined in ……. ONLY to be revealed on occasion as precious hidden gems. I found I felt the most safe when nobody knew about that part of me.  It was as if I was afraid if I showed my true self to the world it would be taken away from me. I kept it close held tight to my chest.

I conformed more to a  rationale way of speaking and interacting with others so I would be more easily accepted.   Why was I afraid to share anything that was creative and uniquely mine? Why could I not embody and own my gifts and talents that wanted to express themselves through me?

My first glimpse into trusting and believing its ok to GLOW was a life changing event that happened when I was 8 years old. I had gone to a national dance competition and witnessed a peer of mine perform the most incredible monologue. It was her words, her creation, and her body expressing herself authentically. She wrote the monologue and it was beautiful. I was captivated that she had the CAPACITY and COURAGE to share HERSELF with all these strangers.

I was in awe.  How did she do that?

In that moment for the FIRST time ….I recognized that it WAS possible. It WAS possible to know and own your gifts and share them with others. But I did not know how. I was afraid to glow and flow. I instead held back. I lead a life defaulting to intellectual explanations and mental chit chat. All of which lacked any pizazz or authentic playful Jennifer joyful expression.

As I entered adulthood an even wider gap between me and my inner gifts was forged.

I became a pediatric speech pathologist and was in the field for over 15 years. I felt alone, uncreative, and dull. Several years into the profession however, something extraordinary happened.

I started receiving visions and psychic messages from the children I was working with.

This was AMAZING and incredibly scary!  Would anyone believe me? Did I EVEN believe me?

I chose not to tell anyone. I chose to dismiss it completely.  I started secretly experimenting with oracle and tarot cards and visiting psychics. I thought if I learned more and educated myself, I could be convinced  that my visions and messages were actually NOT happening.  The opposite occurred.

My visions became stronger.

I began to see INSIDE of my students. I could intuitively see their gifts, their passions, their concerns, their inner essence.   I could see who they REALLY were behind all their physical and cognitive limitations. HOW AMAZING! Here I was concealing MY gifts, my inner truths, my inner world……… YET I could clearly see everyone else’s.

This was a HUGE turning point for me.

It was time to FINALLY OWN one of my gifts. 

I chose to OWN my intuitive psychic abilities. This took a tremendous amount of courage since I was dealing with something non-tangible, invisible, and out of the realm of relatable to most people.

As I did this, my life began to dramatically shift. My life started to become more of a pleasure than an obligation. I founded my  intuitive practice and discovered the deep impact sharing this gift with the world had upon others.

Taking this journey to embody and own my gifts, I realize now that I AM my gifts. Just as my friend glowed sharing her gifts at the age of 8 years old with her beautiful monologue.

I am not just a pediatric speech pathologist, I am not just a girlfriend, a sister, a daughter. I am not just a speaker, an intuitive, or author. I am in fact – the beautiful illumination of ALL my gifts combined.  I am the swirling whirling twirling melding of all that lives inside of me wanting to glow. How exciting!

This also holds true for youIt is possible to release feeling alone, dull, confused, uncreative, uneasy, unsettled, and stuck. You are a unique beautiful graceful combination of all facets of you and your inner gifts! You can have them ALL as  beautiful extensions of your inner world and watch how they interweave into your outer world.   I live in wonder of what the future will bring and what new gifts will continue to present themselves.  When they do………… I am ready to glow and flow with them~ I invite you to chose the same:)

Be Bright and Stay Bright~ Feel Your Spirit ~ Stand with Grace

Jennifer Crews is a professional intuitive and spiritual communicator. She is also a spiritual educator, artist, and pediatric speech language pathologist. She has been professionally guiding men, women, and children for over sixteen years. She launched her first business,  Intuitive Teachings, LLC. , in 2004. She has since  been published in books and magazines, hosted KRXA live talk radio,  taught many workshops both in person and online, and has lectured all over the west coast. She continues to dedicate her life to educating others on the mastery of loving your own spirit, ease and grace, invisible communication, personal power, intuition, and energetic well-being.