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Give your audience a tangible experience where they leave with a new perspective of themselves and the people around them. Gift them with  inspiration and how to KNOW AND OWN THEIR POWER and CONNECT WITH THE BEAUTY OF THEIR OWN SPIRIT.

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Personal Power in Conversation

Trust what is NOT being Said – Decipher….the words, energy, and emotions felt in your business and personal conversations.

  1. Know how to identify three key layers of communication to TRUST your experience in every interaction.
  2. Learn a 7 step strategy to tap into your INNER POWER to best respond to out of sync interactions.
  3. GAIN CONFIDENCE in recognizing when dissonance is present and occuring during your conversations and be true to you.


photo-99How to be Fluid in a Stuck World –

5 Keys to Unlock a Woman’s Spirit~

Trust in Your Personal Power –  to OWN the five feminine gifts that live inside of you that are directly connected to your VITALITY and GLOW AGAIN~

  1. Gain inner STRENGTH by living from these feminine gifts as your PRIMARY way of walking in the world.
  2. Learn the most essential feminine gift that is your EASE SOLUTION to difficult situations and major life events.



How to Embody Childlike Joy and Wonder during Difficult Times~

~Joy is felt when you are free to create in each moment the FULLEST choosing of that moment.

  1. Learn what it means to live in AWE and use this as a powerful tool during stressful times.
  2. RELEASE fear and gain COURAGE and Embody the definition of “JOY”
  3. Learn what I learned from working with children with severe cognitive and physical challenges. They taught me a KEY TO LIFE.  Ask yourself 7 key questions to once again find life a PLEASURE to live and no longer a heavy obligation.



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