Life Has No Recipe to Follow. Learn to Cook Intuitively to Live Intuitively.

September 18, 2011 | By More

One Masterpiece -Heirloom Veggie Dish - Heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, green beans, roasted pecans, and cracked pepper.

Life has no recipe to follow. Instead we have to learn to use the ingredients of the day to make choices and follow our goals and dreams. Over the years I have become quite a master at cooking and creating masterpieces from what ever I discover in my kitchen cabinets or my refrigerator at the time. I just have never been one excited about following recipes. They bore me. The only cook books I own are actually cookbooks my grandmother owned or self-made cookbooks with family recipes handed down from previous generations. It is funny because so many people will say to me – “Hey bring that dish you made last time. It was really good.”  “Uhhhhhhhhh, I can’t”, I reply. “I don’t remember exactly what was in it.”  This seems to baffle others and I usually get a strange look. I of course attempt to make it again- going on pure luck and memory. However, it never turns out exactly the same. I mean the same holds true for life doesn’t it? We have a positive experience so we try to create a similar one just the way we liked it before, but it will never be EXACTLY the same. It instead always has a new set of ingredients.

Carnitas Taco - I don't remember what else I put in it - I think peas, cabbage - who knows? It was YUM though!

Now Cooking Intuitively as I call it – can also lend to making some pretty awful dishes. I have definitely made a few I could not stomach and had to throw away. But again is that so bad?  We don’t allow ourselves to make mistakes in life yet we can make a horrible food dish and still hold our head high and be ok.  Again a great reminder that sometimes things don’t turn out the way  we planned. But we are still safe and ok and it is alright to make mistakes. You can always try to make a new food combination at another time and learn from the combo of flavors you used before that didn’t work. So go ahead and give it a try!  Experiment with what you have in your kitchen right now. Hone in on your inner senses and practice cooking intuitively. You will be amazed at how much developing that skill in the kitchen will assist you in using your intuition in other aspects of your life. Life has no recipes to follow – so start now to LIVE using no recipes.  Would love to hear what you create. Send me a photo and message and I am happy to post it here at HeART Jen!

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  1. Ellie says:

    What pure delight to open up my morning mail and see and feel you through heARTjen – brava! I was out walking Jackson in open space, in the dawn hour this morning and was thinking about the film journey. I heard myself say that I’ll know what action to take and what is true for me if I continue to listen to the inner voice of my intuition. Don’t have the ingredients yet, much less the banquet of creating a delicious feast but I am the chef of my passion and dream.
    Love you 360 degrees!