Holiday Boundaries – 3 Helpful Hints to Keep You Smiling

November 28, 2011 | By More

Holiday Light

What better time in life to practice honoring your personal truth and personal boundaries than during the holidays. As we increase our activity level with friends, coworkers, loved ones, and family events we can easily find ourselves becoming entrenched in the “have tos” versus the “want tos”. All relationships require a flowing exchange of words, thoughts, ideas, activities, opinions, and agendas. Here are three approaches to assist you in staying true to your core while feeling open in your heart and expansive in your exchanges with family and friends this holiday season.

Know Yourself

1.    KNOW YOUR HEARTS TRUTH : When asked to do something – whether it is hosting a party, driving a friend to the airport, or making cookies for the office gathering – ask yourself this question:  Will engaging in this activity be me choosing “joy in my heart” or “dread in my heart”?  I know this may sound dramatic; however it truly works to guide you to following your truth.  Last year I was asked to make cookies for an office cookie swap contest. I had no interest and knew it would not be the least bit joyful for me to do this. So, I said “No thank you – however I am happy to be a judge for the contest!”  Everyone laughed and accepted my answer. I was THE ONLY ONE who did not make cookies that year but it did not matter. I ran the contest with a smile in my heart and we had a blast!  This gage of choosing “joy in your heart” versus “dread in your heart” not only serves you but serves those around you.  Your friends will be grateful to have someone drive them to the airport that genuinely wants to be there with them.

2.   KNOW WHAT YOU NEED: Only YOU know what you need. What I mean by this is you are the master of your energy level. Nobody else can determine your energy level. You get to decide when you have reached max capacity. Have you ever been stuck sitting next to someone at a party that will not stop talking and dominates the entire group discussion. Well guess what? You get to decide when you are done listening. You politely say “It was nice talking to you.” and you excuse yourself and get up and walk away. This sounds simple; however I know many people who will sit all night long next to this person and then complain later or feel exhausted from the exchange.  Practice knowing what you need. Whether its a quick walk, a breath of fresh air, a nap, or to just get up and move to the other side of the room.

3.  KNOW A MOVE:  Stretch – yes I mean stretch your body! Move and stretch your body. This is a move everyone should know how to do and do regularly. This does wonders when you are racing around shopping, just spent the past few hours on the computer, cooking all day in the kitchen or decorating your home with holiday decor.  Stretch 1 – Lay on the floor and stretch your arms above your head.  Point your toes and stretch as if someone is pulling your feet  one way and your arms another way.  Stretch 2 -Reach your arms high above your head while standing. Try and touch the ceiling. Stretch 3 -Bend down while standing and touch your toes.  This is a fabulous tool when you find yourself in a conversation where a friend or family member just pushed an emotional button? Take a deep breath right there in the moment and stretch!  This will lighten the mood – bring a goofy smile to your face as well as to everyone else’s – while they are staring at you wondering what the heck you’re doing?  Hee! Hee!   Pair this body stretch with a smile and you will diffuse the tension in any room.

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