A Kind of Magic

December 24, 2011 | By More

Magic Lights

We are not accustomed to magic,
and the nearest we allow
a spell to enter our lives
is to look out upon a sunset,
or listen to a skilled musician.



We are not accustomed to magic,
and the very thought of it
sends a little shiver
down the modern spine.



We have squeezed magic out of our world,
explained it away in a logical fashion,
and consigned it to history.
The trouble is that it will not stay there,
and every now and then
it breaks out and confronts us with a miracle.
Oh yes, they will explain it away
if you give them enough time,
but the fact remains
that we are spiritual beings, and in the deepest corner of our consciousness

the Spirit weaves a kind of magic.

Paper Magic

When the Spirit speaks
the hardest heart cracks open to reveal
the core of love which was hiding there
all the time.


When the Spirit speaks
the barriers dissolve
and peace breaks out against the odds.


When the Spirit speaks,
you don’t need to reason
or understand anymore,
for in a single moment you know:
and in that knowing rests healing and transformation
beyond your wildest dreams.

Permission granted to share by my writing collegues Joanna Prentis and Stuart Wilson Afterword from their new book Atlantis and the New Consciousness.

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