Do You Pick Wildflowers?

June 6, 2012 | By More

Whenever I go on hikes I love to pick wildflowers and put them in my hair or make natural bouquets out of them. Just last weekend I was walking a trail in Malibu and I made the coolest bouquet by wrapping tall strips of grass around the stems to hold the blossoms in place.  As I was sitting on a bench trying to tie the grass without it breaking a man approached me with a puzzled look on his face and asked me where I got the flowers.  “Oh I picked them.”  “From where?” he replied as he looked around pointing out only a concrete bike path following the perimeter of an ugly chain linked fence running down the Pacific Coast Highway.  I laughed because what he was getting at was truly funny. I was not out in the Rocky mountains or rambling in the rolling prarie hills – I had been walking along a highway on an asphalt bike path.  Matter of factly, I found the different wildflowers in small patches along the path and down the broken sides of parking lots that dotted this bike path strip.  Funny because it never crossed my mind, I was just being and living and finding my wildflowers.  “Thats impressive” he said,  “They are gorgeous.” He helped me finalize tying the batch of flowers together after many attempts with broken grass blades and off he went. I carried the small bundle for the rest of my walk.  They made me smile. Our conversation reminded me to find the beauty in all situations and in all environments. Not just when I want flowers.  A reflection to embrace the beauty in all environments for it will give others permission to do the same. An easy task when we are surrounded by beauty; however a more challenging task when confronted with complicated environments such as the ever changing environment of the inner self:)

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