Your A-Shelves

September 17, 2012 | By More

How many of you have felt abandoned at some point in your life? It may have been from a family member, a friend, or possibly have even felt abandoned by the universe. I am guessing you are probably answering – heck YES!  Most of you have experienced this at some point in your life. It is actually part of the human condition. I know that may seem like a strong statement but indeed it is – abandonment is part of being human.  It is part of our human process because you are here to understand and see the parts of your essence self that YOU have abandoned.  The individuals who have walked in and out of your life and have left a bad tase in your mouth of abandonment have only done so to reflect back to you where you have turned your back to the true aspects of your spirit self. This is not an easy concept to digest. However, I share it with you to bring you a new awareness and perspective of what may be possibly happening for you.  I can honestly say I have felt abandoned by every member of my immediate family at some point. I recognize now that I had turned my back on many parts of my essence self. If those aspects were negated in anyway, I believed they were of no use and I put them all away onto my A- shelf. I see now that all those parts of me I left on my abandonment shelves are screaming to be reclaimed. The ultimate femine side of me that was pushed aside to survive in a more masculine world. The goofy everyday creative and expressive side was placed on a shelf so that I could appear more intellectual and present myself as a well rounded and rationale, reasonable woman.  The fluid side of me that flows literally  as if I am swimming each day of my life through water was shunned because it was too graceful and had no place in the “stop and go” world we lived in. The people in my life that blocked those parts of me or abandoned me when I brought forth those beautiful aspects of me have all been true gifts. They were teaching me to look at how I abandoned myself.  How I chose to believe that those aspects of my nature where useless. That my true natural spirit essence self was not good enough or appropriate. Thank you to everyone who played that role in my life. I see now that my frustration and agitation at times has had nothing to do with any of them – but instead  with myself. I chose to store everything away onto my A-shelves for another time. Today I am clearing off those shelves and reclaiming each aspect. This is taking courage and a shift in how I am engaging with others and how I walk in the world – interestingly though it is actually so much easier. It is easier because it is the natural me.  My true essence self that is really really goofy, fun, joyful, sexy, flowing, and quite funny.

Your A-Shelves

Take the time to review your A-Shelves.  The abandonment shelves that contain those parts of you that you put away to survive in this world in a more appropriate way. What do you see?  What do you feel?  Cry, yell, laugh, be excited. The next time you feel abandoned by the universe or someone in your life, take a deep breath and smile. Say to yourself “Ok self, where have I abandoned my true self?”   and listen for your answer.

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