Mastering Change

May 20, 2013 | By More

Change is everything and everything is Change…….if I was asked what is the #1 necessary skill to make life EASIER  for you and your daily life- my answer would be – Become a Master of Change.  This is a skill set that will bring ease, grace, and true flow into your life.  The problem is most of you confuse “controlling the next outcome” with change.  Change is not about controlling it is about allowing and being willing.  To be willing to allow change to flow in and out of your life requires the following three awarenesses:

1.  Strengthen your inner wisdom, intuition, and inner language – this will serve as a base for you to discern and discriminate quickly all the information that is happening around you. A strong personal intuition is an amazing springboard for handling change. Your intuition creates a power where change bounces off of you and easily flows with you – instead of knocking you over or paralyzing you.

2. Know you are OK and Safe to be in your truth. Listen to your truth, Speak your truth, Share your truth, and be PROUD of your truth. Your truth is what makes you – YOU! Your truth serves as the container in which change can flow and be guided by.  Your truth are the boundaries – such as the banks of a river. Your truth are the banks of the river of change.

3. Take authentic action from a place of your inner truth. In other words respond to change instead of reacting to change. Most individuals react~ When we react we push against change. Like rowing upstream~  This creates stuck energy and exhaustion. You can respond to change by taking the appropriate action that stems from your core truth.   When you lean into change and you are willing to respond to it, everything opens up. By owning your personal intuition and knowing in your heart that your truth does matter – you can take action in a beautiful graceful way.

Dedicate time and energy to strengthening these three awarenesses. You will discover that you cannot separate “change” from daily life.  They actually are completely intertwined. As you become more comfortable in mastering change you will become more comfortable in mastering your daily life.

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