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July 17, 2013 | By More

I am in awe at how life surrounds us with constant connection, communication, and interaction in our everyday lives.  It is happening in our lives ALL the time. Some interactions may be easier than others but everyday we find ourselves interacting with others in the world around us. I recently got to witness the most unusual and beautiful exchange between not people……………..but a cat and a bird. Yep – a cat and a bird!!

I currently am staying in a home where Mindy the cat resides.  Now, keep in mind, Mindy has a history of catching birds and bringing them into the house and dragging them and leaving them under beds.  Mindy is a mix of an indoor/outdoor cat.  She comes and goes as she pleases and has her own door. The other day I was sitting on the front porch eating a snack when Mindy came out her personal door and stood next to me.  She just sat there with me and we both peacfully took in our surroundings and were content in our presence with one another. Soon I heard a bird nearby start chirping quite loudly. I ignored it because birds are always signing and making noise in this neighborhood.  Soon the chirping became quite loud and I saw that a pretty good sized bird had perched him or herself on a bench close by.  This bird was clearly attempting to connect with Mindy the cat.

I found myself getting nervous for the bird knowing Mindy’s history.  Mindy ignored him and sauntered down the steps.  The bird then flew off the bench and swooped down and with his wing hit Mindy right on the ear.  He landed in a nearby tree and turned around and did it again!  I was shocked!  What was happening?  He was chirping quite aggressively but in a more of a banter type style.  Mindy then began meowing back as if flirting with him.

Again the bird swooped down and purposely put out his wing to hit her ears. I did not know what to make of this.  I started to realize that the two of them were actually playing!!! Clearly Mindy knew this bird well and had some sort of agreement that she would not attack or hurt him.  Their meows and chirps went back and forth and they appeared to be having lots of fun!!  This was so cool to witness.

A day later I heard this same bird from the kitchen window chirping very very loud.  I looked out the window and saw that he had positioned himself really close to the house.  OMG I thought – he is calling Mindy out to play.  Sure enough I heard Mindy’s footsteps with her claws (tip tip)walk across the kitchen floor and make her way out her personal cat door.  I stood back and watched through the window.   They made noises back and forth and again the ear tapping – wing flapping play ensued.

This was magical I thought.  What a beautiful thing to see a respectful loving playful relationship between two animals, where normally their would be aggression, fear, and attacks.  My heart opened. Communicative interaction is quite precious.  No matter what the species:) Now I smile whenever I hear the play call from Mr. Bird – knowing in my heart that two friends are reconnecting and enjoying the moment with one another.

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  1. carol hastings says:

    I loved the story about Mindy the cat and the bird playing. As I’ve met Mindy and can imagine Eva’s house, I can visualize it even more. I’ve never heard of a relationship with a bird and cat like this. Love it. The story is wonderfully written.
    Happy travels,