Failure Fear – A New Perspective

August 9, 2013 | By More

I love what I do!!!  You want to know why?  Because I learn something new everyday through my intuitive sessions. My connection with you during my sessions grants me direct access to the universe and all the valuable messages life has to offer. Its wild!  While I am sharing information through my sessions for you – I get to see first hand new and first time information that presents itself.  Things I never knew before. Not only am I able to be the conduit to guide you and provide insight for you and your life, but I get to sit in the seat of student. A student of the universe enrolled in life school.  It is so rewarding:) I literally get to be BOTH teacher and student simultaneously.  This is true life pleasure for me and is why I love what I do.

Today I learned a powerful amazing life lesson!  Through one of my intuitive sessions I was shown a whole new perspective connected with the concept of failure. I know their are plenty of books on this topic and Oprah,Tony Robbins, and other highly successful individuals have shared their view on “failure”.  The commonality among each of them  has been the concept that failure does not exist.  I read this so many times over the years and I understood this intellectually, yet I was still frightened by it and have beaten myself up lots about having failed at something. Until today. Today that changed for me.

I experienced a new viewpoint that changed my beliefs and shifted something inside of me. I wanted to share this with you in hopes it may provide a shift for you as well. Maybe this description or explaination will be different for you and free you of the burden behind the fear of failure.

When you strive for something – a goal, dream, or desire and it does not open up in the way that you had hoped. You may find yourself back to exactly where you started from. Or at least if feels that way. Interestingly, if you look at this belief system – that you are just back to where you were before – then in fact you have lost nothing.  You were just fine before you started your goal, business, or desire. So even with this belief system you have not failed at anything. You were just as wonderful and fine before and you are STILL wonderful and fine now.  Lets add another layer to this.

Though you feel you are back to square one – you are not at all. You have learned and experienced many things that have expanded your wisdom and awareness that you did have before. You have MORE information and alot of it. You are a different person than you were when you started your goal or dream. So not only are you fine – just as you were when you first started but now you are much more knowledgable. Your more experienced. You have more information. You know more! Therefore, nothing was failed at all.  Only gain has occurred.

Therefore, failure IS nonexistent. You are always moving forward. You are always gathering more information. Therefore, your not where you were before, your not back to square one AT ALL, and you are just fine. What a beautiful success!!! How incredible is that!!!

I made this out of leaves and petals found on the ground:)

Feel free to re-read this several times. I know when this information was shown to me during anintuitive session I had to repeat it several times both for my client and for myself. Please know, that you are always gaining. You are more experienced today than you were yesterday in anything you had put your energy into. You KNOW more today no matter what the outcome may look like to yourself or others.  You KNOW more. I am so grateful for this layered view and I hope it brings peace into your heart to know that failure is nonexistent. Therefore, you CAN keep creating in this world anyway you wish!


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