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October 24, 2013 | By More


Are you feeling it? I know I am! There are alot of strong energies and forces occuring right now. These forces are asking you to review and look at your core beliefs around what and where you are personally hooking into… in your life….. that is your self perceived safety net. What once made you feel safe in life is no longer working! It is time to embrace a new way of feeling safe – this requires connecting with what is INSIDE of you – not outside.

A beautiful way to help yourself through this process is to create a sacred space. It can be as simple as a candle or a sculpture on your desk or an entire area of a room filled with your favorite things. You can make a small alter of sorts or just go sit under your favorite tree. Whatever it is for you – find it, make it, discover it. Use this space to connect with the true you. Just allow these outside forces to flow over you like water flows around a log in a river. Just watch it flow and run over you. Do not jump in or try to ride with the water. Just sit in your sacred space and re-adjust your eyes. You will begin to see differently. You may be required to make tough choices to let go of the old safety patterns in order to allow the new to surface. Here is a hint – the new safety is sourced at the heart level – free of codependent patterns and false security.

Big hugs to you as we ride this wave together~

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