Shared Gem #3 – Trust Yourself in Choice Making

July 3, 2012 | By More

The Only Safety in Life is Your Inner Truth. ~ Jennifer Crews

The key is to TRUST that truth.  To trust a truth that is specific to you. It is something tangible that can be leaned into, owned, and used as a foundation for making wise choices for yourself. But how?  How do you trust what your insides are telling you about a particular situation, person, conversation, or choice? Here are three ways you can BEGIN to trust yourself so making choices becomes easier.

  1. Know that anything you feel is valid.  It is real and it is valid.  Whether others understand it or not makes no difference.  You have to believe first that what you are feeling is happening and is “real” for you.  There is no shame in what you are feeling. You are the only one experiencing it and nobody can change that or take that away. What you are feeling is indeed the truth of your own experience. Give yourself permission to feel and know that.
  2. Sit down in a quiet environment and ask outloud the three parts of your body (your stomach, your throat, and your brain) what choice THEY would make in this situation?  Write down the answers you perceive them telling you. For example: you would say “Hi my stomach – What would YOU do in this situation?” and wait. Wait till you receive a feeling of any words or sensations or ideas that immediately pop up and write them down.  Ask this same question to your brain and throat. This is a funny exercise, I know – but it works amazing. Its ok if they give different answers.Try not to be attached to what these three body parts tell you or show you. This is learning to hear your body talk to you.
  3. One day later – reread what your body parts shared with you yesterday. Now review, what choice you need to make and this time ask your heart.  ” Heart – what is in my best interest to do in this situation?” <POOF> Your answer of truth usually surfaces from inside of you immediately! You will know. You will feel it, sense it, know it, or hear it.  What happens is the heart innately synthesizes your inner truth. Your heart will take the input of all the other aspects of you – your body parts- (including the three you asked), your emotions, and your soul self  and will reveal to you which choice is in MOST alignment for you.
These beginning steps are to guide you in better tuning you into your body, your heart, and yourself so that over time you will know how to read your inner truth faster and with greater efficiency. Choice making in the moment will become easier which will allow you to nestle into the safety of life – that is YOU!

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