Heart Love is World Resolution

July 10, 2012 | By More

A poem I wrote 2 years ago that I recently found. I forgot I wrote it. A beautiful reminder to recognize and feel into the difference between mind and heart based love.

World Tears – Mind Love

Mind Love
A decision
An unknown choice based on a mental construct
Influenced by culture, safety, and fear
Comparing and contrasting

Mind Love
A determination of shoulds
Outside protocol
Overriding inner truths
Lying self
Shaping circumstances

Limited earth vision
Lacking passion
Depth and purity
A disassociation with oneself

Mind Love
False synergy
Force of expectation
Disillusioned connection

Mind Love Breaks
Where Heart Love Bends
Heart Love expands cells
Life force takes Center Stage

Heart Love fills a space where the awareness of space lacked
A presence that inflates with each breath
Flowing unbounded
Branded in the ethers

Heart love escorts the body
Bypassing rationale ruling
Supporting the core
Where joy rests soulfully

Heart Love is leaning into
A birth right power
Assured you will be held
Over flowing edges beyond capacity
Heart love is world resolution

~Jennifer Crews April 2010  


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