Shared Gem #4 – Heartflow

July 13, 2012 | By More

HeartFlow - Artist - Jennifer Crews

The big question: What is Life all About?

The answer:   ………….Life is merely a series of sequential experiences -experiences that are meant to be, lived, embodied, and embraced with love. They create a layering of memories and you will discover that life is no more or no less than that.

You were probably expecting a very long, drawn out explaination of “What is life all about?”  I find the answer is quite simple. It is something I have been saying for years and in a recent conversation was reminded once again – that life is just that:  a series of events/experiences that flow from one into the next into the next. I call it Heartflow.

HeartSong - Artist - Meredith Dulles

I have watched myself on days when I am incredibly present to all that is happening in and around me. Those days are abundantly full because within one day I feel as if I have lived one  lifetime worth of experiences.  On days when I am not as grounded and not very present the day may appear boring or I feel agitated or frustrated. I have stepped out of  the flow and have somehow created my own block or blindness to the flow. When this happens I ask the universe to “grant me vision and flow”  and this helps me to be re-connected, aware, present, full of love and life to each new experience that presents itself. This is when life feels very RICH! When your living from a place of Heartflow.


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