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February 7, 2013 | By More

Do you know what your YES’s are?  The YES’s you want in your life? That feeling inside of you when you say hey I want to do this – and your surrounding environment responds with a big – YES!!  What an incredible feeling. Unfortunately, it is one we typically were not raised to be aware of, knowing exactly how this feeling of YES feels in our bodies on a vibrational cellular level.  We are so used to being told “No” or hearing “Are you sure you want to do that?”  or “Have you considered this, this, and that before you make that leap?”

I was recently at the Lady Gaga concert here in Los Angeles. She spoke of how just five years ago she was still waiting tables. She also shared that she has heard the word “No” over and over again to a point of exhaustion.  Yet she kept

Collage Wall Art by Jennifer Crews

plowing through. What she said is that she chose to use the word”No” as a sign to remind her to become stronger and keep going.  So in fact when she heard “No” she turned it around into an inner YES!  The key is, to know how this Inner YES feels in our bodies. How it feels to be received with a big YES!

Last night I had an experience where I was being interviewed by two individuals.  They pretended they were sending out a YES vibration with their lying smiles, their appropriate head nods yet I could FEEL the vibration of NO emanating from both of them. It was fascinating to feel this dissonance. I was truly proud of observing and recognizing this difference. I was hearing YES however, my body was feeling NO. How confusing is that? This happens in our culture all the time. It made me smile and have compassion for the entire event and I made the choice to respond based on how I felt and not how it looked on the outside. Driving home a bit disturbed by the event, I said out loud in my car –

“Where are my YES’s?!”

 I suddenly felt this big shift inside of me. The shift I felt  was……….

YES! Collage Wall Art by Jennifer Crews

I had to first choose to live a YES life

I laughed and repeated out loud several times “I choose a YES life”. YES to singing lessons, YES to being me on TV, YES to financial freedom, YES to boxing lessons, YES to sharing my collage wall art with the world, YES to a successful intuitive practice.   A big big YES!

So what are your YES’s?  Have you chosen to live a YES life? Begin by remembering a time when you asked for something and you received a powerful “Yes of course” response. Feel the power in the YES and observe how it felt in your body. Visualize everyone around you responding to you, your needs, your desires, and wants with this same YES. Feel it, embrace it, and practice this feeling everyday.

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