What gives YOU goosebumps?

March 8, 2013 | By More

I recently was interviewed about my intuitive readings and mentoring sessions. One series of questions asked if my readings take up too much of my energy. If helping others in this way drains me and if so why do I continue throughout the years  to offer this service. The questions themselves did not phase me, but I was as much as surprised by my actual response as I think the person asking the questions . What flowed out of my mouth was the following:  “My sessions do the opposite of drain me – they give me life – I dont offer intuitive sessions to help others, I offer others the sessions to help me. They keep me connected to the essence of spirit.”  The eyes of the man interviewing me grew quite large and I found myself matching his facial expression with an animated look of surprise on my own face. Whoa!  What a realization. It was as if someone else gave the answer but it rang deeply true to my heart. Of course sharing this gift and letting it do whatever it is meant to do for others is a bonus. If it helps them – fabulous – if is gives new perspective – beautiful – if it opens new doors – even better – if it expands and inspires – then so be it.  It is not up to me to decide this. All I need to do is what brings me pleasure. It brings me pleasure to connect with spirit/universe/energy whatever you want to call it. This is one of my many passions. The interviewer paused briefly.  “That is quite a unique approach” he said. “Its not an approach” I replied. “Its just sharing for the sake of true true pleasure” “Most don’t even know what gives them goosebumps.”  “I am grateful to know what gives me mine”

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