At What Cost Do You Give Your Power Away?

June 17, 2014 | By More

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Do you know how often throughout your day you subtly leak your energy and give your power away? Do you realize how this affects ALL your interactions both at work and at home? Most of us have no idea that we are doing this and then we feel and experience the following:


  • Have you ever felt DENIED in your life? Where what you said and did…………didn’t      matter.
  • Have you felt unsupported and unheard at work or at home?
  • Have you felt exhausted from the inside out and was not sure why?

With Anchor In You – Instantly Connect to Your Power program you will have direct access to a new type of inner resource……. to feel stronger and to stand in your wholeness in ANY situation!

With this program you will feel:

• Less fearful in saying your truth.
• Less burdened by life events.
• No longer at the mercy of others.
• A new kind of support regardless of being seen or heard by the people around you.
• Centered and clear in what to do or say next either at work or in your relationships.

This course is a full hour of informative content that includes a wide variety of videos, audios, and handouts. An incredible 10 step program that you can follow at your own pace.

Listen when you want, watch when you want. You have the power~

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