Your Root Voice

July 14, 2014 | By More

Your Root Voice  – 3 Tips to Connect to Your Rooted Center of Self

1. Your root core is located just below your belly button and before your sex organs in your pelvis region. Have you “tuned in” to the pelvic area of your body lately? Place your hand there right now and look down at this area of your body. Wild how we never give it much notice.
2. Ask this area of your body what it needs? Mine just told me it needs more water based foods and to sit on the earth more often. Hmmmm? I had no idea. What is your pelvic region telling you?
3. Now come up with a simple word that you can say to yourself that will help you instantly connect with this area of your body. A word that will be your direct connection to your root self. I decided to ask my root voice what the word should be. I heard “soften”. So this summer when I find myself feeling off center and diconnected from the inner me – I will say the word “soften” quitely to myself and instantly re-ailgn with my center

Email me and share what your root voice tells you! I would love to hear what you discover~

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