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August 12, 2014 | By More

I have invited my dear friend and colleague to write a guest post this month. She and I developed our Anchor In You self paced program that you can learn more about under the Intuitive Packages tab above. She is currently running these amazing Virtual Retreats that you do not want to miss out on. She is offering one this Friday – so check it out!

Add Essence

What’s your heart’s current song?… Is it crying from neglect or singing in harmonious delight?

Our heart’s crave meaning but often in the hustle and bustle of our lives, meaning becomes absent.  Your heart yearns for essence ~ divine depth that feeds your soul.  Yet, the weight of hustle and bustle, trying and striving can make caring for your self and hearing your heart feel like one more task fret with shoulds, suppose to’s and guilt.

I invite you to embrace simple, which allows for essence to be known and felt.  Simple includes beauty and luxury, lush and pleasure because simple involves savoring.  Savoring your present moment and slowing to discover the essence right there within you and within the soul next to you.

Simple encourages you to breathe long and deep receiving nourishing life force to awaken all within you and through your exhale to release what no longer serves you.  You are given space for depth because the muck is released.  Space to go deep with what causes your heart to sparkle and feel nourished.

And within simplicity, your heart can be heard, which will guide you to keep essence as a primary element in your relationships and interactions with the world… the result… your self care becomes natural as essence has been added to your every element.

As you create your life and choose for you, embrace simple and ask, “Where is essence?”.  Then, follow the beacon of essence that calls to your heart.

Following are a few suggestions to embrace simple and experience essence …

~ Sip a cup of tea while in the park watching the fluttering of the butterflies

~ Converse with someone using another language than words

~ Engage your five external senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell) in this very moment and feel the fullness of your experience

~ Color in shapes and bring to life scenic images – yes, adults can color too & even outside of the lines 🙂

~ Collage old papers into a beautiful card and extend your love through a tender note to someone who holds a special place in your heart

Collage by Jennifer Crews

Allow what you are reading now to be a gentle reminder that you are a priority.  You are essence… surprise yourself with simple care today and feel your heart sing.

Kaitlyn Mirison guides introverted artists & writers to embrace their true nature and connect to their signature soul self so their art and life become their soul’s unique expression.

Visit her webite, to learn more about her program Live Empowered as You that guides you to come home within and her Virtual Retreats to recharge in ways that feed your soul.



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