The Ten Energy Systems of Children – Portland, Oregon Talk

June 20, 2015 | By More

Evening Talk – July 10, 2015
7 to 8:30pm — $15 to attend

New Renaissance Bookshop, 1338 NW 23rd Ave., Portland, OR


Also – Parent/Child Intuitive Sessions with Jennifer
at New Renaissance, Saturday July 11 from 10:30am to 3:30pm~

Contact New Renaissance directly to schedule an in person session:

Power of the MagdaleneTalk based on a chapter written in Power of the Magdalene – books will be available for purchase at the event~

Understanding the New Children: The Ten Energy Systems of Children
Unique children are coming into our world to teach a new way of perceiving our environments, our worlds, and how to communicate within them. Verbal communication will eventually be the least regarded form of communication, while intuition and telepathy will be the strongest and most respected communication ability. Learn about the Energy Systems of the New Children, that when working in harmony, contribute to their individual overall well being. When one or more of these ten systems is out of balance, blocked, disrupted, or disturbed, this affects a child. Learn how to recognize these imbalances and honor the differences among the ten systems.

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