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Teaching teens the power of their dreams to feel strong and confident in any situation~

Dream_camp_bannerI am super excited to announce a summer tele-class for teens and preteens. You can live anywhere and join us!

Do you ever wish your child was more inner-directed rather than outer-focused?
Does he/she lack confidence in certain peer groups?
Do you ever worry that your child is lonely or feels different?
Do you wish your child had a sense of their inner power and the ability to use it to feel more secure in themselves?

Our kids are born fully connected to their higher self and sense of knowing about what is right for them.

The trouble is that unbeknownst to us, we condition them to lose touch with that inner knowing. We teach them through our words and actions that someone outside of them knows more about what is right for them than they do.

This leaves them questioning who they are and whether they are okay. And this self-doubt is what one of the primary causes of discomfort and a feeling of not fitting in in social settings.

The good news? Your child can be taught to seek their power from within. They can be taught to recognize their inner strength and use it to feel more confident and self-assured on the inside, which will change their experiences on the outside.

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There are many different paths you could take to get there, and I’m really excited to share one of these paths with you in a brand new program in partnership with Jill Hope, founder of I Shine.

Teaching teens the power of their dreams to feel strong and confident in any situation~

Your teen will be introduced to the power contained within their dreams, and how to use these messages as powerful wisdom and guidance to support them through their life experiences and challenges.

Through this program, your teen will…

Unlock their secret inner dream language and use it to guide them
Learn to trust their experiences
Feel centered and confident in any situation
Understand the power of dreams to build their confidence
Discover a natural inner belonging they didn’t know they had
Make better personal choices
Build their confidence, sense of belonging, and connection with others
Awaken the ability to remember their dreams if this is a struggle

Guidance Card

During this 6 week program, your teen will have the opportunity to share a dream they have had, and be guided by other participants to gain a personal understanding of the messages.

Each class will also include a guided meditation, guidelines on dream journaling, and a lesson covering the following topics:

• Developing intuition
• Discovering your inner language
• Interpreting dream symbols
• Building self-esteem through gratitude
• Choosing your thoughts and feelings
• Taking responsibility

Who is this for?

For teens and pre-teens who wish to grow their self-confidence, spirituality, and inner strength

Teens who may not remember their dreams, but would like to explore this area of their life and open up to remember and receive powerful information from their dreams

Teens who struggle to fit in with their peers, and are looking for tools to support them to feel comfortable and strong in social settings

Teens who are sensitive and may not understand this gift or know how to use it as a strength

Teens who are open to exploring the power of their dreams to guide them and build their confidence and inner strength


Note: If your child is interested in this program but is not comfortable sharing, that’s okay! They can still participate in the class and learn through listening and observation.

~ “I got more out of this one session than all my years of researching online and reading books since I was 13 years old”,
Caitlyn, 21 years old, New Hampshire

Six Classes – All for Just $297

Program Details

• Six 75-minute weekly sessions on Monday afternoon/early evening starting June 20!
• Group will take place over the phone or video (time and access details coming soon)
• Spaces are limited to keep an intimate feel and allow for personal attention
• Materials Included (except dream journal):
o Class guidelines handout
o Six Dream Principles handout
o Dream Journal (Participants to secure on their own)
o Weekly Topic Guidebooks
o Class recordings

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Dream World

I Hope to See You There! This will be fun and powerful for everyone~You asked for a program for teens that everyone can access and not just location specific – well here it is!! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions~ We are happy to help![email protected] or [email protected]

With much love,

818 455-7338

jill hope

IShine Kids

Meet my dear friend and colleague Jill:

Jill Hope is writer, family empowerment coach, speaker, and founder of I Shine www.ishinekids.com. Through her work with I Shine and her passion for helping busy moms to bring out the best in themselves and their kids, Jill has designed several unique and innovative programs.

Her programs support parents to build inner confidence, self-esteem, and resilience in their kids, while spreading the message about the power we have to create lives of fulfillment, shine our inner light, and live according to our unique purpose. In addition, Jill supports busy moms to follow in her footsteps to leave the corporate world and launch their purpose-driven business.

She is also thrilled to be working on her forthcoming book “The Powerful Girl Within” which will be released soon.

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