The Importance of Pushing “Pause” on Your Life

April 12, 2017 | By More

Introducing Spirit Beauty Studios and More

The Importance of Pushing “Pause” Once In Awhile

I decided in the fall of last year to push the “pause” button on my life and revel in the contentment of making art, writing, and playing with my cat – Sam the Zen cat. I took a break from intuitive sessions, speaking and workshops. Unsure where my heart would guide me next I played, played, and played even more. What a wonderful time! Through this time I learned what it means to walk in complete softness, grace, joy, contentment, and continued awe of life. Like Sam the Zen cat I shedded alot, slept alot, and played alot. Now my spirit speaks louder and clearer and I am having so much fun!!!!


As life evolves and you and I both continue to change, your needs are changing as well. In moving forward, many of you have requested brief talks, information, and insights on spirit and soul communication. I am currently developing these and they will be available soon through Spirit Beauty Studios. I will keep you posted so Stay Tuned! I wanted to invite you to reach out and let me know what you are craving to know and learn more about.

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1. The Gem Inside – More onĀ Understanding the Energy of Your Child

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2. Stay Tuned for Local Spirit Beauty Studio Talks

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3. Learn more on the Art of Soul Communication. Schedule an Intuitive Reading or Mentoring Session.

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4. Join the Spirit Beauty Community – Sign up in the upper right corner.

As many of you requested over the months, I am excited to share more with you through Spirit Beauty Studios- keep your eyes open for upcoming emails announcing its arrival. I look forward to connecting with you more in the future and being able to assist you in your own communication with your spirit as well as the spirit of others.

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