Did you Know that Change is Not Tangible?

April 12, 2017 | By More

Seeing Into Your HeartChange is something that is not tangible.  It is a process not an event. A process in which we all need a huge amount of strength and courage to walk through.  Most of the time the only one that knows your walking through a change is YOU – YOURSELF. It can be a very deep internal journey. A journey in choosing new patterns, new self image, new ways of loving yourself. Other times change is an obvious external situation – a move, new job, new relationship.


But where is the manual with step by step instructions to conquer change? How do you access that inner courage, that strength of will power, that ability to maintain your even footing and stay rooted and grounded while the shifts are happening?

How do you remain light hearted with yourself and those around you when emotions are high?  How do you navigate the terrain of your inner world when your choosing to explore and create a new inner knowing and platform that is deeply unfamiliar to your psyche but necessary for your soul? How do you respond to the reactions of others around you that may not accept the changes you are choosing? Where do you access the courage to communicate your truth to the people around you? You can begin by communicating and connecting with your own spirit.

When you are connected to the true beauty of your spirit and you know how your spirit directly communicates with you – you can walk through anything! You begin to understand the spirit of others, your family, friends, and children. It however, begins with you! But how do I do this? Schedule a mentoring session and let me walk you through the steps to directly connect and communicate with your own spirit! In the meantime~ become the observer.  Watch the words you say, the actions you make, observe yourself as if you are watching your own reality television show. Take a step back and pay attention. You will begin to really see yourself and more easily be able to dive into communicating with your OWN spirit.

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